środa, 24 listopada 2010


So… The project is coming to the end but we’ll keep up with capturing our thoughts anyway!

The time has come to let others to see the results of our intensive work – each partnering country (Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Italy). Take a look at the exhibitions’ calendar:

15th November – the opening night at the University in Koper, Slovenia

21st November – one of Cafés in Thessaloniki, Greece

26th November - 08th December – Café Fraza ul. Mokotowska 16/20 Warsaw, Poland

09th-21st December - Auditorium Maximum (main University Campus) Warsaw, Poland

Near future… Milan, Italy

We’ll sum up the results of the project in Café Fraza (Warsaw) on 29th November 2010 at 6 p.m. You’re welcome to share this moment with us. It’s the opportunity to see Ania’s documentary on the big screen and talk about the project. Make sure you don’t miss this event.

czwartek, 11 listopada 2010

See the movies!

There are two great movies made out of our youth exchange. One is made by Piotrek, other by our camerawoman Ania.

Feel free to see the movies showing our youth exchange!
See Ania's movie on http://www.vimeo.com/15500488 and Piotrek's on http://www.vimeo.com/15109897

wtorek, 28 września 2010

You should have been there with us!

Feel the atmosphere of our final exhibition by taking a look at photos taken during it.

By Franco

By Piotrek

By Ileana

By Piotrek

By Ileana

Final exhibition

Our final exhibition presenting photos taken by young participants of Capture your thoughts took place in Rydzewo, next to Jagodne Wielkie, on September 15th. Local community was invited to see it and some of locals used their opportunity and joined us for exhibition evening.
The main subjects of photos were multiculturalism, contemporary values and problems. The photos were taken, both, in digital and traditional way. Feel free to take a look at some of them.

By Mateja, “Way to the goal”

By Leja, "Capture your thoughts”

By Kynthia, “Ride in the Nature”

By Krzys, “Looking into the future”

By Ileana, “You can’t buy happiness”

By Franco, "Education"

By Enrico, “The passage”

By David, “You can’t buy happiness”

By Chiara, “Matriosca”

By Ania, “Nature – I don’t care”

By Aliona, “Dialogue”

By Piotrek, “Diversity – unity”

poniedziałek, 27 września 2010


It’s time to sum up what we did during those 10 intensive days. Tired but happy we returned home, trying to get used to daily routines again.

Are you curious to know how we captured our thoughts?
Check what did we do during the exchange!

Day 1.

Our journey to Jagodne Wielkie was an ordinary bus ride. 20 participants captured in one place for more than 5 hours! Time to start INTEGRATION! Just 45 minutes before final destination prolonged with an unpredictable stop in the middle of nowhere… What a luck :P. Finally thanks to our bus driver we arrived at Old Village School in Jagodne Wielkie – our home for next 9 days. Organizers and delicious dinner already waiting for us!

By Tomek

Day 4.

Ecology was a theme of the day. Starting with a movie on this issue we prepared ourselves for the excursion to Kadzidlowo. Folklore museum and Wild Animal’s Park of Kadzidlowo were waiting for us! Goofy warm-up at the parking and off we go to explore the places. Old village house and school in one building…this is how it used to be in 19th – till beginning of 20th century in this region. Handmade stuff and household equipment. After lunch – entering wild animals’ hospital and endangered species’ reproducing center. COOL!

By Kynthia

Day 7.

Time for a bike-ride and do some out-door sports. Biking through the fields and forest…down and up the hills…passing villages and houses, old cemetery and cows…everything in one loop. After that joggling workshop and sport games. All of us needed some fresh air! In the afternoon time to explore the dark room and develop our black and white photos. We already know how the chemicals work. Now it’s time to use enlargers and finish what we’ve started by shooting with our analogue cameras!

By Ileana

Day 8.

Coming to Mazurian Lakes cannot pass without visiting the biggest lake and Mikolajki! Weather was perfect our moods as well. Ready for a new adventure! Making some confusion in the main square of Mikolajki was just a beginning of a perfect day. Just few minutes after noon THE CRUISE has started. Just watch Piotrek’s video... no comments are needed :D
In the afternoon we moved to the dark-room again to finish our work and started preparing the display. Black&white and color, names, titles and descriptions…Getting ready for tomorrow’s exhibition.

By Ileana

Day 9.

So so…our adventure is nearly coming to the end. Today - the Big Day! Time to show the results of our work. Exhibition opening at 17:00 in “Swietlica” of Rydzewo – village near Jagodne Wielkie. But before time to set the boards for display and sum up the project. Group of participants decided to promote our exhibition with posters and face to face invitations for inhabitants of Jagodne Wielkie and Rydzewo. Some of them really came to see what’s going on in “Świetlica”. During the opening night there were some prizes…for the nicest person, the most talented, most annoying, most bossy person etc. … guess who won each of them?
After that…time to go back to Jagodne Wielkie and do the luggage…AND THEN farewell party with delicious dinner, viewing photos and a movie from the cruise.
In the middle of the night…the time has come to say GOOD BYE to Jagodne Wielkie. And here we start our journey back home…

By Tomek

Exchange logo

There were many people involved in creating Capture your Thoughts logo. There were many great ideas coming out of youngers' minds. Finally the logo looks this way....

by Piotrek Chuchla

And we put it on the t-shirts!

by Piotrek Chuchla

First movie

Piotrek Chuchla made a very nice movie during our youth exchnage. Feel free to take a look at it! Enjoy!

Watch it on: http://vimeo.com/15109897

Author: Piotrek Chuchla
Music: Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks
Place: Mikolajki

Soon the second movie will be online! Ania is working hard on it!